Our Approach

Whether you’re an established business or an ambitious startup we have a simple yet flexible approach to our projects. We incorporate all aspects of cloud strategy development, implementation, training and support and we always consider the requirements of our clients first.

Our team has worked on some of the largest and most complex implementation, business transformation, disruptive and and innovative projects using the Force.com Platform.

Our clients benefit from extensive experience of our consultants and architects to design long lasting solutions which scale with the growing business needs.

Meet the Team

Our team started out as consultants and developers on the salesforce platform over 15 years ago and have since provided consultancy worldwide with clients in every possible vertical. We bring to the table a vast amount of experience when working with your project.

Gunish Rai Chawla

Gunish Rai Chawla

Entrepreneur. Consultant. Leader.

Gunish is an experienced product and project manager with hands-on technical expertise. He designs and builds large scale enterprise solutions as well as exceptional startup products. He likes working with disruptive technologies and engage with many experts and leaders around the world for the purpose of applying the collective knowledge to design great solutions for his clients.

For the past few years, he has been exclusively working on CRM and ERP Implementations like MS Dynamics, Salesforce, and Cloud Infrastructure such as AWS, Google App Engine, and Azure Platform.

Gunish is an AI enthusiast and a futurist.
Most of the research he does or has done in the past, is in the field of Parser Mnemonics, Compiler Design, Game Theory, Network Security & Protocols.

Over the years, a lot of Gunish's work has been referenced in various journals and books and articles, One of the significant ones is “Quest For Artificial Intelligence” - By Prof Nils J Nilsson, Stanford University (http://ai.stanford.edu/~nilsson/)

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